Index of W124 Wagon Images

E280, 280TE, 300E 2.8 2.8 L M104.942 I6

1993-1994 280TE, 300E 2.8 2.8 L M104.942 I6
1994-1996 E280

200TE / E200 2.2 L M111.940 I4

1993-1994 200TE
1994-1996 E200

200T 2.0 L M102.922 I4

1988-1993 200T

200TE 2.0 L M102.963 I4

1988-1993 200TE

E220 2.2 L M111.960 I4

1993-1996 E220

230TE 2.3 L M102.982 I4

1988-1992 230TE

300TE Wagon

The W124-090 chassis 300TE Wagon with the M103-983 motor was made between 1988 and 1989.

300TE-24 3.0 L M104.980 I6

1989-1992 300TE-24

300TE/E320 Wagon

The W124-092 chassis 300TE/E320 Wagon with the M104-992 motor was made in 1993.

200TD 2.0 L OM601.912 Diesel I4

1986-1989 200TD

250TD 2.5 L OM602.912 Diesel I5

1986-1989 250TD

E250 Diesel 2.5 L OM605.911 Diesel I5

1993-1996 E250 Diesel

250TD Turbo, 300TD 2.5 Turbo 2.5 L OM602.962 Turbo Diesel I5

1990-1993 250TD Turbo, 300TD 2.5 Turbo


1988-1993 300TD 3.0 L OM603.912 Diesel I6

E300 Diesel

1994-1996 E300 Diesel 3.0 L OM606.910 Diesel I6

300TD Wagon

The W124-193 chassis 300TD Wagon with the OM603-960 motor was made in 1987 (Turbo).

400TE 4MATIC Wagon

The W124-290 chassis 400TE 4MATIC Wagon with the M103-985 motor was made between 1990 and 1993.

E300 Diesel Turbo 4Matic

1994-1996 E300 Diesel Turbo 4Matic 3.0 L OM603.963 Turbo Diesel I6