Welcome to the Glasurit paint pages.
Thanks to Allan Ward at Russ Ward Auto Body (since 1958) these chips are here to give you an idea of what certain DB colors look like. I have also included the mixing colors.
If you know the paint code of the color you want to view, click on it to reveal the chip and the mix. If you already have a Mercedes in one of these colors, please submit the URL or a scanned picture to bill@mbz.org, so that I can link the color to the car as well.
As you will see, the darker colors look black in many instances. The chips looked pretty dark as well. Therefore it is helpful to all of us if we have at least one example of each color on a real car. When a picture of a real car in that color is available, the link will be below the link to the chip, and will open in a separate window. (see DB304 for example)

You should also send a picture/url if your paint code is not represented here.

Finally, if you have a veteran Alfa, Citroen, Fiat, Opel, Porsche, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Simca, Standard Triumph, Studebaker, Volkswagen or Volvo, I feel sorry for you.
(Just kidding. Actually I scanned in the whole Glasurit catalog of colors, so if you know the paint code, I may be able to e-mail a sample to you. Send me an e-mail. At future point in time I plan to put them on the web as well. Perhaps if I have a stroke and have the time...)

NOTE: DO NOT rely on these pages when getting your car painted. They are only a reference. I do enough stupid things all by myself and will not be responsible for anyone else's stupidity.

Glasurit Mixing Colors:
If you have a Pantone color matching book, try matching Gelb to PMS Yellow 12, and Rot to PMS 186.