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Woke up this morning and my backyard was full of Ferraris

Woke up this morning and my backyard was full of Ferraris

Matthew Watkins, MBZ.ORG Italian Editor, September 2003

...it reminded me of the time I parked a truck load of bicycles in the empty parking lot at the Villa Cortina in Sirmione. When i woke up the next morning the parking lot was full of antique racing cars belonging to the participants of the Mille Miglia. I had just got my licence the week before and had to back out of the crowded lot. I was a mess.

The cars in my backyard today are rare and distinctive. The overall value of the 50 cars was estimated at 80 million Euro by the press. They are also all fully functional, as the children and I discovered while walking behind a 1950 Ferrari Barchetta when its 12 cylinder sparked to life with an earthshaking boom, all fire and brimstone. This car was made for racing and has no synchromesh in 1st or 2nd. As a gentleman in a 1954 M type Jag told me Ferraris are too nervous for this kind of event, booming, hiccupping and spluttering plumes of smoke. Mechanics nearby. The low rumble of the Bugatti, the old Alfas, the roar of the Jags and staccato of the Maseratis. Awesome. Daughter crying "I want to go home!".

Some details:

The 250 GTO is arguably one of the most legendary Ferrari. Only 35 were made between 62 and 63. There are two of them here. The blue one is said to be worth several million dollars.

TThe OSCA MT4 has participated in Le Mans, Mille Miglia and Greenwood.

The 300SL is a recently restored disk brake version.

The e-type has been involved in seed events and hill climbs since it was built in 1964.

Aston Martin DP 215. DP stands for Design Prototype. This was the last A.M. designed by David Brown for Le Mans. What can you say about the first front engined car to exceed 320 kmph.

The Jag roadster was successfully raced in the US in the 50s and then later in England after restoration.

cheers, Matthew

300SLRoat.jpg AstonMa1t.jpg AstonMart.jpg Cimg1671t.jpg Cimg1688t.jpg Cimg1691t.jpg Cimg1693t.jpg Cimg1694t.jpg Cimg1695t.jpg Cimg1696t.jpg Cimg1718t.jpg Cimg1719t.jpg Cimg1720t.jpg Cimg1722t.jpg Cimg1723t.jpg Ferrari1t.jpg Ferrari2t.jpg Ferrari3t.jpg Jaguart.jpg JaguarEtt.jpg JaguarXKt.jpg LanciaAut.jpg Mercedest.jpg Oscamt41t.jpg isthisAut.jpg redt.jpg seeyat.jpg

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