The Beer
The Beer

6/29/03: http://niflheim.darktech.org

5 gallons of Czech-style pilsner, just racked to secondary and dry-hopped. I won't be touching it again until a week before the next RustyQ, and then I'll keg it and force carbonate it. Per my hydrometer readings today, it's right around 5% abv - very light (5 gallons of beer in one large doesn't look very light, but it's actually golden-colored when in a glass), very crisp, and very clean. Nice and hoppy.

If I have the time between now and then, I'll also brew up a blackberry honey wheat that everyone who has ever tried it seems to like. That's an easy 8-9% abv for that beer, gets the chicks smashed pretty quickly. The tartness from the blackberries masks the alcohol.

And if there is sufficient interest, I can brew up a Banned Belgian strong ale - if I get the same luck I did last time, it'll top out around 13-14% abv. Drinks much lighter than that. It's one of those where you drink a few and then try to stand up only to fall flat on the floor. Very very sneaky.


The monster ale for the RustyQ refuses to ferment out. Therefore, I'm going to pour it down the drain on Wednesday. I will also brew a replacement that day. I should still be able to get that and the blackberry ale ready by the Q, provided no other problems occur.

The replacement batch - a strong golden ale - won't be so monstrous or ambitious. I'm estimating about a 9.5-10.0% abv, light golden color, and a decent hop bite.

Further news as events warrant.


Here's what's making it to the Q:

Czech-style pilsner - 4.9% abv

Blackberry honey wheat - 8.4% abv
Belgian-style strong golden ale - 10.2% abv

And maybe:

Chocolate oatmeal stout - 5.0% abv

John Ervine