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The 2003 Annual RustyQ/MBZ.ORG Cookout

The 2003 Annual RustyQ/MBZ.ORG Cookout

Can you just feel the love or what?

Well, another RustyQ full of great people, great beer, great brats and great cars has come and gone and for the fourth year in a row this was the best one ever as old friends got together and did nothing but talk Mercedes for a full weekend.

Here's you'll find a few pictures of the weekend, although as of this writing (nov 03) only a few hundred of the 2000 photos taken have been indexed. Over time they'll all make it up here so keep checking back.


Bob's 280SE Coupe
cars BMW -        cars Mercedes -
cars Rolls -          cars SAAB -

The cars are the stars

The most important part, broken down by manuafacturor and model.

credits Copr_2003_Gary_Hurst
credits Copr_2003_Richard_Sexton

Who took what

Smoke Break
events altswap -
events smoke-break -

Significant events

Well ok, there's only one here, the great alternator swap. But who knows what other shots we'll dig up?

people B2 -  Bill Rickert people Bo -  Bo Cullens people Drew -  Drew Tibcken
people Gary -  Gary Hurst people Ilena -  Mrs. Bo people JB -  John Berryman people Jono -  Jonothan Harker people Kaleb -  Kaleb Striplin people MMM -  Mitch M. Marmell people Mike_DoubleDrive -  Mike from Double Drive people Rusty -  Rusty Cullens

Put a face to a name

Seen the name on the net a zillion times and don't know what they look like?

Ref: Frank Mallory's database and https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com