Marshall Booth's head, Todd Knutson
Marshall Booth's head     Todd Knutson

Last years bratwurst will be a distant memory compared to the FABULOUS ones that I'm bringing with me next week. I found out why my local supermarket has such WONDERFUL sausages this year. They are simply packaged on a plastic tray with store brand markings.

I met with the chief butcher today. He's a transplant from a very "old world" tradition sausage shop. For whatever reason, the large supermarket wanted to have homemade sausages, so they hire this guy. He used his personal recipes to create the finest selection of Brats, Polish, and Italians anywhere. I'm dead serious. His are THE BEST. He broke down the ingredients on a number of national brand names. I was really grossed out. I always wondered where the neck veins went. Ewwwww.

I ordered 5.5 dozen in assorted flavors (even some Cajun for Richard). Anybody who tries these are going to be blown away. I told him all about the BBQ, and how important the quality factor is. He told me that he was going to make the batches for us himself, and was immediately going to place the base meat order.

NOTE TO RUSTY: I'm also getting the proper buns from the bakery, so that's covered.

Next up: Very, very, very aged cheddar

Todd Knutson
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