Index of Mercedes Limo Images
Index of Mercedes Limo Images

The Mercedes Benz 600 was built beginning in the 1960s; it had Mercedes first ever V8 gasoline motor, the 6.3 litre monster later found in the 300SEL 6.3, and was at a level of luxury that met or exceeded Rolls Royce standards. The cars were rare and (remain) expensive to the point where you have to own a country or religion to have one. For example, they're perhaps the one thing the Pope and Saddam Hussein had in common. Parts prices are not sane. For example the drivers door master switch assembly for the windows is twenty three thousand dollars. Fuel injectors are $1200 each. Not a single part on the car is interchangeavle with any other model; a routine inspection and service is fifteen thousand dollars.

Mercedes 600 Limo

W100 Limo Images (1963 - 1981)

100.016 Six Door Pullman
100.014 Four Dour Pullman
100.015 2 Door Landaulet
100.012 Short Wheelbase
Bespoke coupe (2 made)

The Popemobile

Video footage of the M-100 600

Video footage about the 600 Limousine.