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Index of Mercedes Wagon Images
Index of Mercedes Wagon Images

110 000 -  190c Kombi / 200 Kombi


190C, 200 - special chassis

123 190 -  300TD
123 193 -  300TD

W123 Wagon

(1979 - 1986)

“Engineered like no other car in the world,” the ads said, and that was true in lots of ways. The Mercedes-Benz W123 wasn’t a radically new car like an NSU Ro80 or a Citroën DS, but the attention to detail in its design and construction stood in sharp relief to many other cars when it was new. In the late 1970s, most cars were built to last 100,000 miles, and some of them wouldn’t even make it that far. Not Mercedes-Benzes. The cars were very expensive to make and buy, and when something big did break it was also pricey, but that was rare. You got your money's worth from a Merc back in those days, and that W123s are still a common sight whether you happen to be in Casablanca, Cleveland, or Copenhagen is a testament to their hardiness...



Mercedes Benz did not make a 126 wagon but several exist.

W203 Wagon

C240 C320

W210 Wagon

W211 Wagon


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