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The Nubar Gulbenkian car with a glass roof

"When Nubar Gulbenkian decided on the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz 600, he stipulated a glass roof, like he had on a Silver Wraith bodied by Hooper. To his amazement the engineers of Mercedes downright refused (worse still, in the next release of the brochure of the 600 they even boasted about it). Gulbenkian was furious. That was that, and if it would not have been for Chapron, Gulbenkian would never have been in a 600.

Chapron ordered a 600 swb, without declaring their customer, and did a full rebuild of the car with a glass roof, and once the interior was out anyway, incorporated all the usual Gulbenkian requirements: rear speedometer, smoking facilities (including pipestand and cigar holder, cocktail cabinet etc. Most switchgear was French, just like CitroŽns. The interior was laid out in special leather.

Although the car had air-conditioning, sun-curtains were also provided, which are not very sophisticated. Plans to use fluids to turn double layered glass opaque came to nothing.

The car has survived in its unique colours."

Ref: Frank Mallory's database and https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com